Why do I teach: 

I fell in love with yoga years ago, it helped heal an ailing back and helped quiet my mind in ways I never knew existed.   I felt myself getting stronger inside and out and have always wanted to share that with my students.

My Specialty: 

I often joke that I was born an engineer, so when I teach yoga it is no surprise that I am always looking for more than just helping people make shapes.   I have spent 10+ years breaking down the subtle actions of each pose, determining which are the most important and finding was to help my students understand why those subtle things make all the difference in our bodies.

My Style:

I practice and teach a very physical version of vinyasa yoga but always focus on building into a sequence slowly so that the body has time to properly prepare as we get more challenging and deeper into the stretches.  My students often tell me that my class is more challenging than many others but that because I take the time to work into it their bodies feel much better and stronger at the end.