The Long Boring Bio Version of the About me in case you are still reading 🙂

After years of fighting back problems, my wife talked me into trying yoga for the first time.  Having heard great things about yoga and its many benefits I decided to give it a try.   My first class was Bikram and I knew immediately that Bikram was not be for me!  Luckily, I quickly found a power vinyasa class with the amazing Cherly Deer.  In that first vinyasa class I found myself challenged to the point of physical exhaustion and realized that my monkey mind had stopped bouncing around and was focused solely on not passing out!  It was in that moment that I realized that this was not only going to be a practice to get exercise or fix my back but indeed the whole mind and body.

A move to Santa Monica in 2006 introduced me to the amazing West Coast teachers and an even stronger, more alignment driven practice that really resonated with my engineer’s brain.  When we moved back to Tampa in 2007 I found myself not only really missing that West Coast power yoga but at a loss for a teacher that would challenge me physically and mentally…   After doing a small bit of complaining (ask Jen Smith just how little) she finally told me I should shut up and teach what I wanted to see in Tampa.

I completed my first training in 2009 and started teaching at the local studios in Tampa.  Before long I had settled in to my role as the “hard teacher” kicking peoples butts, but more importantly, was able to start to tie together what I was learning about anatomy and how the body works with why we do the poses and how to best teach and benefit from the practice.    I realized that this was my dharma, my ability to break down not just how but the understanding of why,  has created a teaching style that works to encompass the many different body styles and abilities within a framework that helps my students build strong, flexible bodies while allowing them the space to find their own zen, so to speak.

When work brought us back to Santa Monica I thought maybe I would quit teaching and just be a student of the many amazing teachers out here for a while.   Well, 3 months into me not teaching I realized just how much I missed my students, being part of their changing lives and practices and helping people work thru physical limitations like I had.  In 2016 I completed another set of training with Mia Togo and received my 500HR RYT training and went back to teaching.   I currently teach 2 classes/week at YogaWorks Montana and 3 classes/week at Aziam Yoga.

Now you know all about me, stop by for a class and tell me your story!